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EUR ING in passport
There's an interesting 'benefit' of having the EUR ING title, in that you are allowed to put it as part of your official name in a UK passport. This document sets out what titles are permissible, and the relevant sections read:

Quote:Professional titles
Professional titles and forms of address such as Doctor, Judge, Ministers of Religion, Professor, MP, MEP, and QC may on request be entered as an observation in the passport.


Academic and professional qualifications
Other than members of the legal profession appointed Queen's Counsel and engineers who hold the qualification "Eur Ing" (European Engineer), requests for professional and academic qualifications to be recorded in a passport should be refused. 

Has anyone ever gone ahead and done this, or known someone to have done so?  I doubt it will ever score me a free upgrade on a flight but I'm intrigued as to what it looks like.
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